Toronto eh?

To say we are in love with Toronto, Canada would be a vast understatement. We’re OBSESSED!!! It’s exactly how you picture New York as a child but instead of it actually being filled with rude people and smelling like pee, it really is a glistening city that looks like Disney came in and deep cleaned!

Surprisingly filled with an epic art scene and a million things to do we are inspired to head back as soon as possible! We visited:

-The CN Tower (with an incredible dinner in the rotating restaurant)

Sweet Jesus Ice Cream

Kensington Market

The Distillery District

And a million tiny stores in between!

Anyone have any suggestions for places to visit for our next trip?


P.S. All of these photos were in the Distillery District!


This was an amazing restaurant called El Catrin Distilleria! (Oh and that’s Joanna’s sister to the right, I promise we weren’t walking awkwardly close to strangers.haha)


toronto-1 toronto_collage_02toronto-10

Around every corner we turned their was something rad that we simply had to take a photo of!

toronto-6 Isn’t this little locks of love adorable? This heart was the “O” in a LOVE that were all made of this same grate which had a ton of locks on them.


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