Top Reasons You’re Not Collecting Art Right Now: Debunked!

I never really noticed that we had artwork in our home until our friends started visiting our apartment. They seemed so impressed as if we had a painting by Leonardo DaVinci hanging above our couch. Being a traditional artist myself, it feels only natural to have art in our home because half of them were my homework at some point and the other half are ones we found and just fell in love with!

So I stopped and thought about what makes people afraid to buy art for their homes. I don’t mean Home Goods art prints or posters framed at Michaels… I mean original pieces you find in a gallery, art show, museum etc. I thought of a few excuses I’ve heard people say before so I’ve compiled this small list and will hopefully put your fears at rest so you can go and fill your home with some epic art decor!

I don’t know where to find original art.

I get it, you probably only take time to look at art in museums, maybe, in 8th grade, but there is art out there. Try starting in a small comfort zone… Thrift stores/antique shops/flea markets. That’s right! There’s a hidden treasure of them, not all are great finds but sometimes you get some rad stuff! We’re talking a frame and artwork for $20…that’s a steal! I even know one artist who has a regular booth at the Rose Bowl Flea Market….like he’s there with his own artwork every time, drawing and selling.


I don’t know any artists.

Ummmm I’m an artist….rude….haha! Just kidding, I know what you mean, but it also goes to prove that there are artists everywhere! They don’t have to be famous or even have to know their name for them to exist! There are a lot of talented unknowns out there and if they’re not famous then the more likely their work is affordable. You can find freelance artists in an art community (such as Minted or RedBubble) OR you can look up some art galleries and go check out the merchandise before you buy it. Fun fact: Art gallery exhibitions are a way for artists to not only showcase their work but SELL it! Boom! That takes care of fear 1 + 2.


It’s too expensive.

I call shenanigans. Artists are trying to make a living and we are very aware that people may or may not want to spend a million dollars on an unknown artist’s work. So expect their original pieces to range anywhere from $50-$500. However, artists will often sell copies or giclee paintings (paintings that are copies but have texture as if they were the original). Those are often even less expensive. PLUS if you are at a flea market and it’s not the artist selling the work, you can haggle!


I don’t know good art from bad art

I’m going to stop you right there. Art is subjective. What one person may like, another may hate. NO ONE can say they there is good art and bad art…there is art you love and don’t. The end. If you like it….BUY IT!


I don’t know how to hang it/frame it.

Well for starters, do you already like the frame it’s in? If you do then awesome, if not find one you love before you commit to having it nailed to your wall. I know hanging something up is so official and out of nowhere it feels like a life or death decision, but I’m going to let you in on a little’s called spackle. If you hang it up and don’t like how it’s hung then take it out, spackle the hole and move on! No one will ever know. Now if you don’t know how to put a nail in the wall just look up simple art hanging tutorials on YouTube. If you’re art piece is lightweight and you’re still non committal then buy some command strips and make it happen. Don’t let these excuses deny your having beautiful art in your home.
If you’re still on the fence about art let me try one last attempt to sway you. Unlike photographs, which are very “you had to be there” or Home Goods signs that say “Family,” art has way of speaking to every person differently. Instantly adding a character to your home, it is expressive and original…like you. Let your decor speak for itself and let yourself enjoy an artistically beautiful home.

*Featured artwork, original painting by Joanna Carillo. Pears, 2015, oil on canvas.


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