We always make a new year resolution to go see more concerts and shows but then our weekends fill up with life. I would say live music is probably one of the first things to get moved to the bottom of the list but this year we put an end to that. This has been the year of live music and we LOVE it. We made it to Adelle, saw Christ Tomlin and King+Country play at Harvest Crusade, and last week we saw the epic concert that was NEEDTOBREATHE.


If you’ve never heard this incredible band then you need to jump on spotify this instant and listen to their songs. Not only are the albums amazing but their performance was out of this world!! We snapped a few pics of the concert but none of these do the show justice. Check them out, you won’t regret it.

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Old Town Stroll

Being freelancers, we don’t work in an office but rather at home, which to some might sound really nice but after a while you just feel sloppy. Immediately my productivity level goes down and all I want to do is stay in my sweats and crash on the couch all day. I realized this is […]

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California Winter

Let’s be honest with ourselves….it does not get cold in California. Sometimes it might rain but with this drought even that is a stretch! Not that I’m complaining, I really do love the consistent 75 degree weather but it leaves no reason to buy winter clothes. At first I felt disappointed that the rest of […]

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