Pajama Mondays

It’s no secret that I’m a tiny bit lazy….not that I lack drive, I just prefer to be comfortable. Blankets, cookies and warm fires are my jam! So if you were to ask me what my favorite piece(s) of clothing to wear would be I would immediately shoot back with pajamas, of course! Being a freelancer has been a struggle in a way, and for you it might sound silly but to me it’s kind of a dramatic problem. Oddly enough, I don’t mind waking up to an inbox full of emails with a task list the length of a football field, however if you ask me to get dressed before sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of joe, I will give you the evil eye and practically hiss at you like a crazy person. I’m not completely insane, I promise! I know that it’s ridiculous to stay in pajamas all day every day, but I never realized how much I did it, until I got married.

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