Labor Day Weekend Escape: Catalina

We’re not really beach people, but we are a huge fan of island life! The relaxing breeze, cocktails around every corner, and beyond the numerous activities, the choice to do absolutely nothing! Avalon, Catalina, just off the coast of Southern California, is the perfect getaway for this. Of course we weren’t lazy bums the entire time BUT it felt great to not have to be anywhere or do anything in particular for three days. Happy Labor Day Weekend! Where did you all relax?



The view from our place was unreal! Loved being tucked away yet so close to the ocean breeze.

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The best free date nights in Orange County

Quality time together is easy when you’re dating! You don’t see each other everyday, you might live with your parents so you’re not thinking about rent, groceries or bills, and every activity feels new and exciting. But after you’ve been married a few years it’s hard to not look at date nights as a waste […]

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