Pajama Mondays

It’s no secret that I’m a tiny bit lazy….not that I lack drive, I just prefer to be comfortable. Blankets, cookies and warm fires are my jam! So if you were to ask me what my favorite piece(s) of clothing to wear would be I would immediately shoot back with pajamas, of course! Being a freelancer has been a struggle in a way, and for you it might sound silly but to me it’s kind of a dramatic problem. Oddly enough, I don’t mind waking up to an inbox full of emails with a task list the length of a football field, however if you ask me to get dressed before sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of joe, I will give you the evil eye and practically hiss at you like a crazy person. I’m not completely insane, I promise! I know that it’s ridiculous to stay in pajamas all day every day, but I never realized how much I did it, until I got married.

My husband is my mirror in a sense. Your partner not only shows you what you know is there but they also magnify both the good and bad traits in you. In this instance, mine magnifies the fact that he’s been dressed and working like a normal person by noon and I can’t seem to transition from pj’s to…normal everyday clothes…which makes me feel like a cat lady. But beyond being a mirror, a husband is your team mate, which means they’re allowed to tell you that you need to get your head in the game and most times….they’re probably right.

I’m happy to announce that we’ve reached an agreement! My husband makes a valid argument: that we’re adults running a multi-disciplinary studio which needs a heavy dose of professionalism to function well. I came back with: if we’re choosing a difficult freelancing life, shouldn’t their be perks beyond just the work we love, to make it worth it? So we decided I was allowed one day to stay in my pajamas if I would like to, Pajama Mondays. As I continue to develop as the co-founder of our company I know I’ll grow out of this phase, but for now, while we have no children, I’m going to slowly ween myself out of the college pajama stage that I apparently never grew out of. haha


Xoxo- J


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