Functional + Stylish: Kitchen Edition

We know what it’s like to live in a tiny kitchen. It looks messy the second you leave a cup on the counter and it fills with smoke when you cook a single piece of chicken. I bet you feel like giving up on making such a tiny space cute, it’s going to get ruined the second you make anything to eat anyways! We felt that at first too, but here are a few decor ideas that make cooking in a small space that much easier too!

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San Antonio in Style

Why on earth would anyone travel to Texas in the middle of July?!! Maybe because it’s awesome!
We’ve been to Texas before, Dallas to be exact, but had never been to New Braunfels (You always need to try new things right?!). We didn’t realize how big this state was until we really explored each city! From Dallas, to Waco (Go Baylor!) to Austin, each has it’s own unique sights and sounds!


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Food Wars

Every married couple has something they don’t agree on. It doesn’t have to be anything major, it could be what to spend their extra spending cash on or what movies to rent for the night. Oddly enough we bicker the most about FOOD. That’s right, inside I’m a fast food fatty and my husband is a health nut who apparently never heard of a word called flavor. This doesn’t bode well when it’s time to make dinner or pick up food on the way home and for years this was probably the only consistent issue we never agreed on.

I’ve heard many husbands and wives talk about compromise, and I’m not here to say that it’s the wrong approach but what if you went one step further and reached a total agreement where neither party feels like they’re giving up anything? Sounds too good to be true right? Well here’s what I learned from our food battles:

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5 Ingredients for a Killer Party!

Hosting a party can feel daunting! So much to do, buy and make to become the hostess of the year! First, take a deep breath….. This is a party not a wedding. These are your friends not the President. 

Everything we’ll discuss has one common factor and that is the people you’ll be inviting to this shindig.It’s actually quite simple to throw a successful party as long as you remember the one important subject: your guests. No matter how big or small a group, they need to feel welcome, important, and as if the party wouldn’t be the same without them. Here’s how you do it:

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Heritage Creamery – Waco, TX

It is a Carillo tradition to visit Waco, TX no matter where we’re actually vacationing in Texas. Anthony, being a proud alumni of Baylor University always drives us around the campus reminiscing about his crazy college years and points out new shops and establishments around town. Our go-to stops consist of rad places like Common Grounds and Dichotomy Coffee + Spirits, but we spotted a few new additions that we are adding to the list!

Of course Magnolia Market made it! The silos run by Chip and Joanna Gaines is not only stunning but filled with incredible decor inspiration and goodies. We could have spent an entire afternoon there (and almost did!). We’re kind of obsessed with Fixer Upper (who isn’t) so we definitely geeked out a little. haha

The other gem that caught our eye was a new hip ice cream store next to Common Grounds coffee called Heritage Creamery! Besides the fact that ice cream ALWAYS sound good on a crazy hot day, their rad branding caught our eye! The ambience inside was spot on and the ice cream was heavenly!

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The best free date nights in Orange County

Quality time together is easy when you’re dating! You don’t see each other everyday, you might live with your parents so you’re not thinking about rent, groceries or bills, and every activity feels new and exciting. But after you’ve been married a few years it’s hard to not look at date nights as a waste of money. This is not the part where I tell you to suck it up and pay hundreds of dollars a week because your marriage is worth it. I will say this, marriage is hard work and the answer is not to eliminate time together to save money but rather find fun new ways to spend quality time without breaking the bank. Here are some of our favorite SoCal inexpensive date night activities.

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