Old Town Stroll


Being freelancers, we don’t work in an office but rather at home, which to some might sound really nice but after a while you just feel sloppy. Immediately my productivity level goes down and all I want to do is stay in my sweats and crash on the couch all day. I realized this is in part due to the fact that we never leave the house, so a few months ago I made it a habit to go for a stroll through our charming Old Town with a cup of coffee. I began to see improvement in my work and in my overall attitude towards the day. I knew that this went beyond getting out of the house but meant getting up at 6am like the rest of the world and dressing into my business attire for the day. I don’t know what my day would look like now in a pair of gym shorts! Haha



I always brag to my wife that I’ve got 20/20 vision, which she then makes fun of me for when I wear my prescription-less glasses!haha



Staying on top of deadlines is so important to me that I make sure to have a top quality watch for staying ahead of my schedule. I’m also a sucker for the light clicking sound it makes.


Dressing for work to me doesn’t mean I have to wear a suit and tie, but there is something about buttoning up a shirt for the workday that keeps me feeling confident and in business mode.


Get this look by clicking below!

Shirt- James Campell Navy Breville Shirt

Glasses- Warby Parker Jet Black Winston Glasses

Black Jeans- Uniqlo

Mens Pro Diver Watch – Invicta



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