Minted – West Elm Art Challenge

Have you ever walked into a store, like West Elm, and wondered where they get such rad art? Well I’ll you, from artists like us!!! We’ve recently entered some of our work in Minted’s West Elm Art Challenge 🙂 For those of you who aren’t familiar with Minted, it’s an incredible place where freelance designers, such as ourselves, enter our own artistic designs so that you can vote for the types of art, stationery, and artsy home goods you’d like to purchase. Basically, you get to buy original designs from real artists!

This time around we’ve designed a handful of, what we think, are really hip art pieces and would love your support in voting on your favorites! Here’s a link to our collection and feel free to look around and place your vote from artists all around the world! It’s a sweet and easy way to spread some love 🙂 Best of luck to all of our fellow designers out there!


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-The Carillos


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