Functional + Stylish: Kitchen Edition

We know what it’s like to live in a tiny kitchen. It looks messy the second you leave a cup on the counter and it fills with smoke when you cook a single piece of chicken. I bet you feel like giving up on making such a tiny space cute, it’s going to get ruined the second you make anything to eat anyways! We felt that at first too, but here are a few decor ideas that make cooking in a small space that much easier too!


You have no idea how much a can of paint can completely transform a space. Our place began with everything being white….this is not the best color for a room that will have soup splattered on the wall. We chose a dark grey for the walls and a stark white for the cupboards and any moulding. It immediately cleaned up the space! If you’re renting and can’t paint, try renter friendly removable wall paper.


The less you keep on your counters the cleaner your life will feel. By placing strategic hooks for towels, cooking utensils and serving wear, you give the illusion of more space.

-Cutting boards

Because we have practically no counters, cutting boards(hanging on the walls) give us that extra counter space we’re missing! We can cut on the stove, over the sink, or even in a different room if it gets that crowded!


Most kitchens have a window to give a little extra ventilation when cooking. Don’t leave the window bare, it will feel like a tiny apartment that you never settled into. Add a cute and clean pattern to immediately make the tiny space a cozy one.

-Fresh Plant (Hanging)

Nothing feels more fresh than a green plant. It immediately adds life to the space and if it’s an herb, you can save money at the store too! Win, win. (To ensure your pot doesn’t spill on the counter and get dirt in your food, try hanging it!)



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