California Winter

Let’s be honest with ourselves….it does not get cold in California. Sometimes it might rain but with this drought even that is a stretch! Not that I’m complaining, I really do love the consistent 75 degree weather but it leaves no reason to buy winter clothes. At first I felt disappointed that the rest of the world got to bundle in warm coats, boots, and scarves, but then I realized that it’s a necessity for them and it’s accessorizing for us SoCal kids! Haha So I decided to wear my own style of winter clothes, here’s Fall outfit #1

Business Sweater Twist



Feeling comfortable and cozy without overheating, I love this sweater dress with pockets! The chic high neckline allows me to wear it with really any necklace (although I love a good chunky Forever 21 collar). The loose sweater shape allows for a comfy work day and no wrinkling! Pairing this loose fitting outfit with sleek Jessica Simpson heels gives it a classy touch and the pointed toe also elongates the leg making up for the sweater’s relaxed shape.


With this outfit you’re sure to feel the autumn leaves without your co-workers thinking you’re crazy! Haha How do you get away with dressing for the season in warm weather?

untitled sweater-8

xo- J

Here’s where you can find a similar look! Dress- Nordstrom , Necklace- Forever21, Watch- Kate Spade, Heels- Jessica Simpson


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