5 Ingredients for a Killer Party!

Hosting a party can feel daunting! So much to do, buy and make to become the hostess of the year! First, take a deep breath….. This is a party not a wedding. These are your friends not the President. 

Everything we’ll discuss has one common factor and that is the people you’ll be inviting to this shindig.It’s actually quite simple to throw a successful party as long as you remember the one important subject: your guests. No matter how big or small a group, they need to feel welcome, important, and as if the party wouldn’t be the same without them. Here’s how you do it:

  • Ingredient 1: Personal Touches
    If it’s a smaller group of people over for a dinner party, setting name cards at the table makes your guests feel as though you planned this party around them. If you take the time to decide where they sit they’ll recognize that they’re not just some friend on facebook but that you ACTUALLY want them there! If it’s larger than just a dinner party, setting out the menu for dinner and having decorations out shows that you put time and effort into planning an evening just for them! If it’s a large party, favors are always a great opportunity for this personal touch!
  • Ingredient 2: Give Them a Job
    You want your guests to feel like they’re a part of the night and really taking part in the evening. I’m not talking about stilted games that no one wants to play because they’re not 12 years old anymore, but maybe make one person in charge of mixing cocktails or have the meal be a potluck. This ensures that your guests are invested and will definitely be at the party since they’re the ones bringing dessert (no last minute backing out)!
  • Ingredient 3: Don’t Hide in the Kitchen
    You’re the common denominator with all of your guests, if you leave the room you leave them nothing familiar to talk about. You need to be out socializing with everyone and making sure that guests are getting along famously.
  • Ingredient 4: Booze
    It’s the immediate Ice Breaker! Serving a specialty cocktail (maybe even one they can serve themselves) will calm them and encourage conversation right off the bat! None of this timid banter around the appetizer table!
  • Ingredient 5: After Party Plan
    Expect your guests to have a wonderful time and not want to leave! The worst is when your guests sense you starting to clean and wanting to go to bed so they feel that they need to awkwardly leave! Don’t touch the dishes!! Have your party progress to the after party hangout scene. It could be as easy as serving dessert outside by the firepit and having a ton of blankets and coffee outside ready for your guests to relax and keep on enjoying the evening. You’d be surprised how many people will stay!

What are your go-to party tricks? Share your favorites with us in the comments!



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