Minted – West Elm Art Challenge

Have you ever walked into a store, like West Elm, and wondered where they get such rad art? Well I’ll you, from artists like us!!! We’ve recently entered some of our work in Minted’s West Elm Art Challenge 🙂 For those of you who aren’t familiar with Minted, it’s an incredible place where freelance designers, such as ourselves, enter our own artistic designs so that you can vote for the types of art, stationery, and artsy home goods you’d like to purchase. Basically, you get to buy original designs from real artists!

This time around we’ve designed a handful of, what we think, are really hip art pieces and would love your support in voting on your favorites! Here’s a link to our collection and feel free to look around and place your vote from artists all around the world! It’s a sweet and easy way to spread some love 🙂 Best of luck to all of our fellow designers out there!


ps. For those of you interested in following along when we’ve entered or won challenges, be sure to subscribe to our monthly newsletter.


-The Carillos

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Pajama Mondays

It’s no secret that I’m a tiny bit lazy….not that I lack drive, I just prefer to be comfortable. Blankets, cookies and warm fires are my jam! So if you were to ask me what my favorite piece(s) of clothing to wear would be I would immediately shoot back with pajamas, of course! Being a freelancer has been a struggle in a way, and for you it might sound silly but to me it’s kind of a dramatic problem. Oddly enough, I don’t mind waking up to an inbox full of emails with a task list the length of a football field, however if you ask me to get dressed before sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of joe, I will give you the evil eye and practically hiss at you like a crazy person. I’m not completely insane, I promise! I know that it’s ridiculous to stay in pajamas all day every day, but I never realized how much I did it, until I got married.

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Toronto eh?

To say we are in love with Toronto, Canada would be a vast understatement. We’re OBSESSED!!! It’s exactly how you picture New York as a child but instead of it actually being filled with rude people and smelling like pee, it really is a glistening city that looks like Disney came in and deep cleaned!

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Top Reasons You’re Not Collecting Art Right Now: Debunked!

I never really noticed that we had artwork in our home until our friends started visiting our apartment. They seemed so impressed as if we had a painting by Leonardo DaVinci hanging above our couch. Being a traditional artist myself, it feels only natural to have art in our home because half of them were my homework at some point and the other half are ones we found and just fell in love with!

So I stopped and thought about what makes people afraid to buy art for their homes. I don’t mean Home Goods art prints or posters framed at Michaels… I mean original pieces you find in a gallery, art show, museum etc. I thought of a few excuses I’ve heard people say before so I’ve compiled this small list and will hopefully put your fears at rest so you can go and fill your home with some epic art decor!

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5 Tips for Overcoming Creative Block


It always starts the same: a great idea and tons of excitement as you begin whatever project you have in front of you. The first few minutes are fun! Every paint stroke or vector curve seems to fit perfectly….then the next few minutes get a little trickier, you forgot that there are actually a million little choices to make: What color palette should I operate in? Is this too big for the scale? Is the spacing balanced? Is this idea good at all?!! It’s not turning out as I thought! Then the breakdown…. Am I even a good artist? Why did I choose this profession?! What is my life??!!!!

We’ve all been there. You’re fine.
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We always make a new year resolution to go see more concerts and shows but then our weekends fill up with life. I would say live music is probably one of the first things to get moved to the bottom of the list but this year we put an end to that. This has been the year of live music and we LOVE it. We made it to Adelle, saw Christ Tomlin and King+Country play at Harvest Crusade, and last week we saw the epic concert that was NEEDTOBREATHE.


If you’ve never heard this incredible band then you need to jump on spotify this instant and listen to their songs. Not only are the albums amazing but their performance was out of this world!! We snapped a few pics of the concert but none of these do the show justice. Check them out, you won’t regret it.

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Old Town Stroll


Being freelancers, we don’t work in an office but rather at home, which to some might sound really nice but after a while you just feel sloppy. Immediately my productivity level goes down and all I want to do is stay in my sweats and crash on the couch all day. I realized this is in part due to the fact that we never leave the house, so a few months ago I made it a habit to go for a stroll through our charming Old Town with a cup of coffee. I began to see improvement in my work and in my overall attitude towards the day. I knew that this went beyond getting out of the house but meant getting up at 6am like the rest of the world and dressing into my business attire for the day. I don’t know what my day would look like now in a pair of gym shorts! Haha


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Artist Go-to Breakfast

Now that we’ve survived our food war, I officially enjoy cooking…it’s kind of crazy! But one meal of the day that often gets me stumped is breakfast! Being crunched for time, I often stick to cereal or something that won’t get all over me as I paint. Plus not being huge breakfast people, it’s hard for me to get creative and make something besides eggs. Pretty sure I just stared at our egg crate for about two minutes dreading the idea of the same scrambled eggs day..after day….after day (Remind me to tell you about Anthony’s pepper eggs one day). So I put the eggs back and said, “Figure it out Joanna! If you don’t want eggs make something else!” So I did.

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California Winter

Let’s be honest with ourselves….it does not get cold in California. Sometimes it might rain but with this drought even that is a stretch! Not that I’m complaining, I really do love the consistent 75 degree weather but it leaves no reason to buy winter clothes. At first I felt disappointed that the rest of the world got to bundle in warm coats, boots, and scarves, but then I realized that it’s a necessity for them and it’s accessorizing for us SoCal kids! Haha So I decided to wear my own style of winter clothes, here’s Fall outfit #1

Business Sweater Twist



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Labor Day Weekend Escape: Catalina

We’re not really beach people, but we are a huge fan of island life! The relaxing breeze, cocktails around every corner, and beyond the numerous activities, the choice to do absolutely nothing! Avalon, Catalina, just off the coast of Southern California, is the perfect getaway for this. Of course we weren’t lazy bums the entire time BUT it felt great to not have to be anywhere or do anything in particular for three days. Happy Labor Day Weekend! Where did you all relax?



The view from our place was unreal! Loved being tucked away yet so close to the ocean breeze.

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